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What You Can Give Deer For Food

Feeding the wildlife is a fun thing to do when you have kids or if you just want to enjoy the beauty of some of the nature that is around in your area. I know that for me I usually put out some feed for the deer that wander in and out of my yard, but I mainly do this in the winter months when it is super cold outside and they have trouble finding food because of snow or ice covering the ground.

However, one thing that I have always wondered is what should I put out that the deer would be able to eat. Here are some things that I found through experimenting with putting things out that the deer will eat.

The first thing that I found that the deer will eat is fairly obvious and that is corn. Now I know that they eat corn because that is what you can buy commercially as feed for deer. So that one is fairly straight forward, but if you’re like me buying deer feed all the time can get rather expensive and hard to maintain so I had to find some other things that the deer would eat.

The second food that I put out for the deer to eat was some of my green beans that I could not use. Now I placed them in the same area that I put the corn and then sat back inside my house and watched.

I know that some other critters came around and ate out of the same area that I put my corn in so it could have been a combination of all of them eating out of this, but when I went out the next morning all the food that I had put out was gone and a ton of deer tracks were present.

The third food that I have put out for the deer to eat was a wide variety of apples. Now the apples were mainly ones that my kids didn’t eat. So they would have pieces missing out of them in spots so I would cut out near where my kids ate off of the apple to help prevent my kids giving the deer any type of sickness. Now I know that the deer ate parts of the apples with some other animals eating other parts of it.

These are the foods that I have found that the deer in my area really eat a lot of. Now I know that each type of deer will enjoy different foods so that it will be difficult for you to follow all advice strictly. So you will need to experiment as well to find out what food the deer in your area will like as well.

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