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Six Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Weekly Food Shop

Food is a necessity and I have often heard it said that if we did not eat we would be rich, and this certainly seems to be the case. Groceries and food prices are increasing every time you visit the supermarket, and with the temptation of chocolates, candy and luxurious desserts it is very easy to spend more than you planned. Despite this the good news is that there are several ways you can cut down the amount of cash spent on food shopping.

1) Plan, plan, plan

Before you head to the local supermarket decide what the family will eat for the next 3 or 4 evening meals. This helps you to focus on what food you actually require rather than walking around the supermarket and falling to temptation of all those treats. While you are planning make sure and get a piece of paper and list all the foods you need from the supermarket. Promise yourself that those foods on the list will be the only ones you will purchase.

2) Take a set amount of money to the supermarket

With this newly made grocery list in hand, do a rough calculation and work out how much your shopping will cost. If it comes to $20 take no more than $25 to the supermarket with you. By taking excess cash you may be tempted into buying several extra items which will send your grocery bill rocketing. Limit the amount of time you spend in the supermarket as this will cut down the amount of time you have to browse at non essential food items.

3) Use coupons or money off vouchers

Collect any vouchers you get and make sure you use them on products you would normally eat. These coupons arrive via the post and are also present in local newspapers. As well as coupons make sure and take advantage of special offers, ie buy one get one free. These can help you save quite a bit.

4) Eat smaller portions

Instead of over indulging and eating large portions cut down on the amount of food you are actually eating. Not only will this save your grocery bill, it will also help your waistline.

5) Buy cheaper brands

Do not buy special brand foods. These often do not taste any better than the cheaper brands, you are only paying for the name, and it is not worth it.

6) Buy in bulk

When buying items look out for cheaper offers for slightly bigger items, for example buy a 750g box of Corn Flakes for $3, rather than the 500g for $2.50. Here you are making a 50 cent saving on one item. This only works with items will good best before dates and items which can be frozen.

There are many ways to save money on your grocery shopping, and this is by no means a complete list but should help you save quite a bit each week. The key is to plan and be organised.

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