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How to Make Coffee or Espresso At Home

Everybody loves coffee! We all do! What feels better than going to your local barista and having it ready in just a minute and going on to work. But as you know the cost just adds up over time. A single cup of coffee costs $2.75 on average in the US and this adds up a lot over the course of a year. However, you can cut that cost significantly by preparing and making your own coffee at home, and it is easier than it actually sounds.

Today we are going to look at several ways on how to make coffee at home. All are pretty simple, some might have a little more cost upfront and some not so much so. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

One of the easiest methods of making coffee at home is instant coffee. While it might taste exquisite and exotic, it is still coffee, and it will open up your eyes in no time in the morning. Upfront costs are pretty much nonexistent if you already have a kettle. Just boil some water put a spoon of instant coffee to your favorite cup and pour water over it. Add some sugar or creamer if you fancy it that way and you are all done.

The second way to make easy coffee in the morning is by investing in a french press. No paper filter, no waste at all and pretty easy overall. A French press works by soaking the ground coffee directly in hot water rather than letting it pass through it. It will require you to buy a french press plunger and coarsely ground coffee of your favorite beans. It is pretty easy to do so and you can brew coffee in just a couple of minutes.

Pour-over coffee is another method that you can use without the help of any fancy equipment. It just needs a water filter and a plastic pitcher to make it work. Just put your ground coffee in the filter and let hot water pass through it, easier than ever. Definitely one of the best methods. It will last a bit longer than the rest but then again it is still pretty easy and the initial costs are super low.

I should also mention that you can also buy an espresso machine under $500 if you want more specialty drinks. But beware since most of these cost a little, even the budget rated models, and they require a little maintenance, as well as a grinder to get the best benefits. If you like cold brew over traditional coffee, then there are some grinders made for cold brew you can check out.

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