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Hillshire Farm Deli Wraps Are Delicious Alternatives To The Same Old Sandwiches

Hillshire Farm (R) Deli Wraps(R) are delightful new prepared luncheon products that are available in four different varieties. In recent years, “wraps”, or rolled tortilla sandwiches, have become hugely- popular items at restaurants across America.

Realizing that wraps have gained preference over traditional sandwiches with many hungry consumers, Sara Lee (R), the makers of Hillshire Farm(R) products, have introduced these delicious tasting and easy- to- utilize Deli Wrap “kits”, to great fanfare from consumers everywhere.

For the un-initiated, wraps are essentially sandwiches that are enclosed inside of a tortilla (a flat, bread- like item) and rolled into a cylindrical or rectangular shape. Generally, the wraps are sliced into two pieces, providing for easier dining. As with traditional sandwiches, there is no limit to the amount of ingredients added, or variations on, wrap sandwiches.

Quite often, when preparing wraps at various restaurants, the tortilla is laid flat and an adequate amount of sauce or dressing is spread across the tortilla, before adding the other ingredients. This ensures that an even amount of sauce or dressing is distributed throughout the wrap.

Each of the Hillshire Farm(R) Deli Wrap(R) kits contain two soft tortillas with a co- ordinated dressing, which adds a definite restaurant- style appeal to the products. As with many restaurant- style wraps, each kit contains a designated meat, or protein item, accompanied by an appropriate type of cheese and dressing. While most restaurant- style wraps usually contain some types of fresh vegetables, such as lettuce and tomatoes, the Hillshire Farm(R) Deli Wraps do not contain any types of fresh vegetables.

Truth be told, these tasty and convenient wraps are quite satisfying, just the way they are. The high- quality meats, cheeses and dressings enclosed in each Hillshire Farm(R) Deli Wrap(R) kit consistently provide for delicious sandwiches that really do not need the addition of fresh vegetables. If, however, the addition of items such as lettuce, tomatoes, onions or other vegetables is desired, simply add a small amount to each wrap sandwich.

The Hillshire Farm (R) Deli Wraps(R) are available in four varieties. These include Smokehouse Ham amp; Swiss wrap kit, Turkey and Bacon wrap kit, Southwestern Chicken wrap kit and Chicken Caesar wrap kit. The Smokehouse Ham amp; Swiss kit contains smokehouse ham with natural juices, shredded Swiss cheese and a creamy, honey- mustard dressing, with a golden wheat flour tortilla.

Each kit contains two servings, which measure in at 260 calories, with 100 calories from fat. The Hillshire Farm(R) Turkey amp; Bacon Club Deli Wrap(R) features smokehouse turkey breast, shredded cheddar cheese, creamy Ranch Dressing and bacon crumbles, with a tomato- basil tortilla. Each of the two servings included contains 300 calories, with 140 calories from fat.

The Hillshire Farm(R) Southwestern Chicken Deli Wrap(R) kit contains oven- roasted chicken breast, shredded Monterey Jack pepper cheese, Santa Fe dressing and two soft Chipotle Chili flour tortillas.

Each kit contains two servings, which contain 260 calories, with 120 calories from fat. The Chicken Caesar variety of Hillshire Farm(R) Deli Wraps'(R) features oven- roasted chicken breast, shredded Parmesan cheese, Creamy Caesar dressing and two soft Spinach Herb flour tortillas. Each of the two servings included contains 310 calories, with 160 calories from fat.

Amazingly, the meats, cheeses, dressings and tortillas contained in the Hillshire Farm(R) Deli Wraps(R) are all of high- quality and quite tasty. These convenient meal- items can be enjoyed either warm or cold.Even if you’ve never constructed a wrap sandwich before, these products are very easy to work with and assembling one of these wraps takes only a few minutes.

These delicious wrap sandwich kits are normally stocked in the luncheon meat, or cold cut sections of most major food retail food stores and are very competitively priced. All things considered, Hillshire Farm(R) Deli Wraps(R) are highly recommended products.

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