Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream – Food Review

Both of my daughters and I share a love of ice cream. Although we eat far less of it during the Fall and Winter, I still buy a carton of ice cream every few weeks during the colder months for an occasional treat. I usually don’t buy Edy’s Ice Cream because it is too pricey.

When I spotted Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream on sale for $2.79 instead of six dollars and change for a one point five quart container, I knew I had to “scoop” up this bargain. Here is what I learned about

Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream is packaged in a very cute ice cream container. The lid is striped in brown, yellow and white around the rim and the front of the carton has the flavor of ice cream spelled out in bubble letters with a bite taken out of the “c” in cookie. The picture on the front shows very delicious looking ice cream with tons of chocolate chips and bits of cookie dough.

My younger daughter was practically jumping up and down in front of the freezer door; she was so anxious to try this frozen treat! The very appetizing looking ice cream as well as the great sale price convinced me to give this ice cream a try.

Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream contains one hundred and fifty calories per half cup serving. There is a total of six grams of Fat, fifteen milligrams of Cholesterol, seventy five milligrams of Sodium, twenty three grams of Total Carbohydrate, and sixteen grams of sugar in each serving.

There is also two percent of Vitamin A, four percent of Calcium and two percent of Iron in this sized portion. Most people do not consume only a half of a cup of ice cream at a sitting, so these amounts should be doubled to get a more accurate idea of the nutritional value and fat and sugar content consumed at each indulgence.

From the very first taste of Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream I was hooked! The ice cream is creamy with an ample amount of cookie dough and chocolate chips in each spoonful. This ice cream flavor truly combines the delicious treats of ice cream and cookies in one dessert. I had high hopes for this ice cream and my expectations were happily met.

Edy’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream very tastily satisfies a sweet tooth and makes a nice dessert to a well balanced meal. I don’t know that I would pay full price for this ice cream, since every grocer dollar counts these days, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to others who are ice cream lovers like me.

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