Dynamic Dish: A Place For Meat Lovers And Vegetable Admirers in Atlanta, Georgia

Dynamic Dish is located at 427 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312. Please call this number, (404) 688-4344, for reservations.
I confess that I am a real meat eater. I don’t care which part of the meat it came from, all parts are equally delicious to me.

But don’t dare to think that I hate vegetables, because I do like them. Vegetables and meat go hand in hand and I get the same craving for vegetables like I get for meat.

The first time I heard about Dynamic Dish, I was urged to come over and have a taste, especially when I heard they were offering a dish called tagine served with organic vegetables. It sounded very delicious so I went for lunch the next day. Day before that I ate a half cut of Korean fried chicken and I thought the tagine dish could bring some balancing on what I had eaten.

This eating venue was located at a mall strip. I parked my car at the front entrance, just a few steps taken before I could actually sit in the expected to be marvelous restaurant. As I entered, I was amazed by the interior decoration of this place. I didn’t expect it would turn out to be as beautiful as it appeared in front of my eyes.

The furnishings were arranged neatly and with style, I believe a touch from a very creative professional had done his jobs here. The sight of several persimmons arranged nicely in a wired container really made me smile as I found it peculiar and a bit funny, but I like the look of it and appreciate the idea.

There was no printed menu handed to me, but all the menu were written clearly on a piece of chalkboard. I looked at the chalkboard which was situated at the back of the counter, and even though the hand written menu was quite small but it was readable and they truly represented what they had in the kitchen. I ordered the tagine with pumpkin, tomatoes and squash.

A friend was with me, and he ordered arugula sandwiches with a type of cheese called the emmentaler. The cheese was spreaded on whole grain bread, sufficiently buttered. Then came the salad, which was the beet salad. For drinks, we ordered the sparkling water which served in small glasses with lemon garnishings.

While waiting for the food to arrive, I enjoyed the scenery and I kept thinking that I was in New York and even Europe. I was actually at Edgewood but I didn’t think I was there at all. Maybe the perfect interior decoration of the dining place made me feel as such. When the food arrived, it was full of color.

I was impressed by the fresh look of all the dishes, and after having my first bite on the tagine, I was completely blown away. The meat was so tender and juicy and I couldn’t compare it with any other restaurants in town. So far this place is the best.

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