Best Vegetarian Thai/Pan Asian Food in Seattle, Washington

Vegetarians typically have a limited amount of dining choices when it comes to eating out in the Seattle, Washington area. However, if it’s Thai food that they are seeking, then their vegetarian options are more abundant.

Thai food is delicious as well as a healthy alternative to those who do not eat meat. Thai food focuses mainly on deep sauces mixed with vegetables and some form of noodle. Tofu is a popular ingredient in many Thai cuisines such as basil fried rice; Phad Thai and vegetable stir fry dishes.

Many “vegetarian friendly” restaurants end up having very limited vegetarian choices and leave customers in a huff. However, there are two vegetarian Thai restaurants that stand out above the rest and should be visited by those who are vegetarian, or want to be vegetarian for a day.


Araya is located on the corner of 11th avenue and NE 45th street and is within the heart of the University District. People who are used to eating a lot of meat dishes will realize that they are not missing out on the meat when they go to this restaurant. The secret to success in any vegetarian restaurant is that the food needs to be flavorful without the addition of meat.

The most popular dish at any Thai restaurant is the Phad Thai dish. Phad Thai is made with Thai spices, rice noodles, peanuts, tofu, egg and an assortment of vegetables. Besides noodle dishes, Araya serves a variety of curry dishes with zesty curry paste and coconut milk. The menu variety alone is enough to impress many vegetarians and will leave the appalled at the amount of choices that they have.


The Teapot is located on the corner of E. Thomas St and 15th Ave E in the Capitol Hill area. The Teapot focuses on Pan-Asian cuisine such as Thai, Indonesian, Singaporean, Japanese and Chinese. All the food here is vegan, meaning that all the cuisine is prepared without milk, egg, meat, or animal products. Many people are apprehensive when they hear the word “vegan”.

However, after having one bite of Teapot’s “Vegan Cheesecake”, all apprehension will melt away. The Vegan Cheesecake is to die for and taste exactly like cheesecake (without all the fat!). The menu is expansive and includes anything that a regular Asian restaurant would carry (except meat dishes).

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