8 Freezer- Ready Burger Meals For Work

Do you find yourself spending more on food at work because you hate eating leftovers from the night before? You can cure the leftover drag and save money in the process by using your leftover food to make freezer-ready, hot sandwiches meals to take to work at a later time. The key is to cook smartly. Here are 8 freezer-ready, hot sandwich meals that you can make for work:

Taco Burger

Feeding your family a deliciously quick taco meal for supper? If so, scoop out enough taco meat to cover one or two small, round burger buns. Be sure to add your favorite topping (salsa, cheese, or sour cream) to the burger. Wrap it well in some plastic food wrap and pop it into the freezer. Wait a week or two, and you’ll be ready for a spicy taco burger for your lunchtime meal.

Chicken Strip Burger

Ordering a big batch of chicken strips (or chicken) from your local, fast food chicken restaurant? Don’t forget to save several pieces of chicken strips to make you a chicken strip burger to take to work. Just spread some of your favorite chicken-dipping sauce (barbecue, honey mustard, sweet and sour) across a large burger bun, put the chicken on, wrap it up, and freeze.

Meatloaf Burger

Whipping up a big batch of meatloaf tonight? Be sure to save a portion for later. Just spread a small bit of mayonnaise over the bun and mash flat (onto the bun) the serving of meatloaf you saved. Wrap the meatloaf burger in some plastic food wrap and put it in the freezer. When you get another hankering for meatloaf, your meatloaf burger will be waiting.

Roast Beef Burger

Eating a big roast beef meal for your Sunday supper? Save the last portion of roast beef for a wonderful roast beef burger. Shred the leftover roast beef meat for easy eating, place it on the bun, and lightly marinate the meat with some roast beef gravy, and you’ll have a work time lunch fit for royalty.

Bacon Burger

Frying up a big pan of bacon for your Saturday morning, family breakfast? Make sure to fry up some extra for your delicious bacon burger. Just coat the bun with some mayonnaise, pile on the bacon, and wrap for freezing. This hearty sandwich will taste great whenever you get ready to eat it, even if your craving comes a few weeks down the road.

Ham Burger

Who says that you have to eat beef on a hamburger? Why not make a burger with ham? Use that last piece of ham wisely by slapping it on a burger bun. Be sure to top it with some Dijon Mustard for the ultimate taste. Wrap up the sandwich and wait for your next ham mood. This burger satisfies even the crankiest of cravings.

Steak Finger Burger

Frying up some steak fingers for a hungry bunch? Save out a few steak fingers for your burger. Just wet the burger bun with some leftover gravy, top it with the steak fingers, wrap, and freeze for later. This yummy burger offers you a steak finger meal all over again, except with less of a fuss.

German Sausage Burger

Wondering what to do with the few tidbits of leftover German Sausage? Put these on a bun, of course. No need to coat the bun with any fancy dressings, though. Just microwave your sandwich when you get ready to eat it and then top it with some well-drained sauerkraut. You’ll have you a German-style sandwich that’ll be the envy of your co-workers.

These eight freezer-ready burgers serve only as samples for making freezer-ready burger meals. A whole other world exists in the way of burgers when you set your mind to it. Whether you cook or order take out, imagine which foods would serve well put between two buns. Use your imagination. The sky is the limit.

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